Branding is to constantly create a perception in the mind of consumers that there is no product like yours.

~ Bernard Kelvin Clive (Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Coach, Brand Strategist.)


As entrepreneurs getting exposure is a huge struggle. At Leicunn Studio this is our core operation, giving you a digital footprint to begin with and build upon. Leicunn Studio is a lean team of website developers and graphics designers based in Nairobi, Kenya. Leicunn Studio offers affordable, adaptive and clean business and personal web design, graphics design and branding solutions. We create beautiful and professional custom logos, business cards, and posters among others upon request. The Leicunn Studio team is hard-working, creative and prides itself in working hand-in-hand with clients, understanding their needs and delivering excellent results. Looking to ease that first step? Leicunn Studio is here to help. Contact us below.



We craft creative web designs engineered using the latest frameworks for stability, performance and long-term adaptability. We also re-design website to fit new client requirements and latest technology.


For new or already established businesses and organizations you can look to us to articulate or create your brand; name and logo search, creation and selection that best describes you and your enterprise.


Visual representation of a business is a powerful business tool. At Leicunn Studio we create business cards, brochures, banners, flyers and other print collateral that promotes your products and services.

Store windows are like landing pages on the website.

~ Angela Ahrendts (Senior Vice President Apple Inc.)

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